CONTENTPRENEUR is an annual Malaysian entrepreneurship competition organized by Yayasan KRU for startups formed by alumni of higher learning institutions with educational backgrounds related to Digital Entrepreneurship and/or the Creative Industry.

Our primary objective is to discover and develop the next generation of industry leaders through an accelerator program mentored by experienced industry professionals and investors, to guide them throughout the process of intellectual property development, production and commercialization of media assets.

Winners of this year’s Contentpreneur competition will stand a chance to join the accelerator program, raise funds for production and commercialize projects in 2020.


There are numerous distinctive advantages for Contentpreneurs to be industry ready within the shortest period of time such as: –

  1. Mentorship (Management, Creative, Marketing, Operations, Technical, Finance & Legal)
  2. International Market Access (Production Services and IP Sales & Distribution)
  3. Funding Support (Foundation, Venture Capital Entities, Strategic Industry Partners, Crowd Funding Entities, Angel Investors)
  4. Technical Support (KRU & VSOCloud Southeast Asia)
  5. Access to Talent Pool (Incubator Companies, Expats & Academia Partners)
  6. Cost Savings (Shared Resources, Studio Facilities & Hostel)
  7. Strategic Location & Conducive Environment
  8. Contentpreneur Program Partners’ Endorsement

Advisory Board


Alan Lim

President, Malaysian Business Angels Network

Ramani Ramalingam

Music Industry Professional
Council Member

Panchacharam P Nalliah

President, Film Producers Association of Malaysia
Council Member

Shamsul Jafni Shafie

Founder & CEO, PitchIN

Competition Categories

Genre : All genres approved for general screening in Malaysian cinemas
Format : Live Action or 3D Animation (scripted and fictional content only)
Language : Bahasa Malaysia or English
Duration : 90 to 100 minutes

Genre : All genres approved for screening on Malaysian television network
Format : Live Action or 3D Animation (scripted and fictional content only)
Language : Bahasa Malaysia or English
Duration :
a) 3D Animation : 8 to 24 minutes per Episode
b) Live Action : 24 to 48 minutes per Episode
Episodes :
a) 3D Animation : 39 Episodes for 8 Minutes per Episode or 13 Episodes for 24 Minutes per Episode
b) Live Action : 13 Episodes

Genre : All genres approved for broadcast on Malaysian radio networks
Artiste : Solo, Group or 3D Animation Characters
Language : Bahasa Malaysia or English
Duration : 3 to 4 minutes


Up to


Round 1 (Development Fund)

Winners of Round 1 will be receive up to RM 50,000.00 of investment (cash and/or in-kind facilities at Yayasan KRU’s Incubator) for the slate intellectual property development of 3 projects per category.

Up to


Round 2 (Production & Commercialization Fund)

Winners of Round 2 will receive full or partial investment of up to RM 500,000.00 for the production and commercialization for the slate of intellectual properties. The remainder of the funding requirement may be acquired through financial assistance from government agencies and/or loans.

Eligibility Criteria and Rules & Regulations

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