Foundation Objectives

Yayasan KRU’s main objectives are for scouting, nurturing, providing financial and non-financial assistance to deserving youths to pursue professional training programmes and tertiary education opportunities through Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes related to digital entrepreneurship and the creative industry and other purposes, more specifically as follows:-

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  • The propagation and promotion of TVET short term and mid-term programmes to solicit and receive donations from organizations and/or individuals either domestically and/or internationally by the Foundation and/or support of the function of any organization and/or media which is involved in propagating the TVET programmes related to entrepreneurship and the creative industry in any form including but not restricted to satellite, internet, social media, audio, video, print, television, radio, ground events, etc.;
  • To provide general education to the public related to skills based programs, career and business prospects, student funding opportunities, terms and conditions including but not restricted to students, parents, counsellors, etc. and to identify and offer funding in the form of partial or full scholarship to deserving applicants based on criteria set by the Board of Trustees published from time to time;
  • To select skills based training centres and/or any vocational education institutions in Malaysia offering programmes approved by the Board of Trustees and provide student funding to their deserving students based on terms and conditions set by the Foundation.

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